About Us

Welcome to The Boat Stop!

The Boat Stop is the newest and easiest way for you to sell your boat; or, if you’re looking to buy, the easiest way to find the perfect boat you’re looking for. Whether you are trying to sell a classic woodie, buy a brand-new cruiser, or just looking for a family-friendly pontoon, this is the site for you. The Boat Stop is the best online marketplace to buy and sell your boat of any brand or type.

Why list with The Boat Stop?

If you are a private seller, here are just some of the benefits you can expect when listing with The Boat Stop.

  • We offer more for less.Our listing fees are the lowest in the industry, period. We believe it should not only be easy to list a boat for sale but also affordable. Listing fees start at only $49 for a six-week listing. With that, you can upload up to 50 photos and one video. Once your boat sells, we collect a 2.5% fee from both the buyer and the seller.
  • We automatically create sales contracts between buyers and sellers. These contractual agreements help ease the burden of buying or selling a boat by doing the hard part for you! Rest assured your new purchase arrives as described, as sellers are contractually obligated to represent their listings fairly and accurately.
  • We list your boat immediately. Some services can take days or even weeks to approve and post listings. You can list your boat at The Boat Stop in as little as five minutes! We take pride in getting your boats listed as quickly as possible.
  • We have partnered with Intercoastal Financial Group (IFG) to help buyers seamlessly finance, insure and title their new vessels. IFG’s hassle-free approach continues to result in the highest customer satisfaction rate as proof of their dedication and experience.
  • We’re focused on the everyday boater; not Jeff Bezos. We aren’t interested in multi-million-dollar megayachts. We are passionate about boats that are reasonable for everyday folks and that’s where we like to focus.
  • Our site is easy to use. The Boat Stop’s website is easy to navigate, easy to sort and search, and easy to see listings that show you exactly what you need to know about each vessel. You can even comment on listings to communicate with sellers and to ask or answer any questions.

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